About Zestle Search Engine

Nigerian Search Engine

Zestle is a new search engine with intent to serve users the most relevant information in its search results pages. It's a web search engine developed to search for information on the World Wide Web, and it presents its search results in a list of results that match users' queries. The information it serves searchers may comprise web pages, images, information and other file forms.

Currently, Zestle mines the data it presents to users from trusted external databases like Google, Wikipedia, etc. We will continue this way until we finish developing an in-house web crawler/indexer that will be capable of crawling the entire Web and index unique web pages it finds.

We're working on a new script that will power our search results and bring very relevant answers to users' queries. An announcement will be made when it's ready to be unveiled to the general public. Expect a new form of search engine that incorporates very useful, but long-neglected features other existing engines don't have.

Use Zestle to discover lots of interesting Nigerian that matter to them.